from Memo

We had lived with peeled nails and skins, hairs fallen off, these are example of things that have decayed after they had lived. It is always after the incidence of collapses, when we talk about them. To refer to the night before is anachronism. Mentioning about the night after would be also anachronism in a sense. What is the most important is generative changes of things that keep ruining and reviving all the time. “Don't interpret. Just keep on experimenting.”


The nature of Dance is becoming to others. It is also to detect others (already/always) in all the gestures and behaviors of others. I can be a dog, a woman, a rock, and even a buried house. What is the "others"? Fragments crashed (of/towards) me, scattering reflections (of/towards) me. What is something strange, something incomprehensible, something we cannot communicate with.

Indeed, Dance is a way that enables us to communicate with things we cannot communicate with otherwise. It is to go while laughing with slight fears. It can be both immersion, yet at the same time, impossibility.

“The origin of an incident is covered by darkness and mysteries, and the addresse, the destination of the delivery, is unknown.” 

I wanted to beat with a club. I wanted to be beaten. Until the flesh rips open and bones break...

Because our bodies are already/always living a crack. Our bodies are ripped up.

Ko Murobushi