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Arditti String Quartet / Arditti Two
Kezysztof Penderecki / Franz Schubert
Lakshimi Shankar
Solo fur Cello, etc.
Violin Solo Carlos Zingaro
Jésus meurt sur la croix, etc.
Nono: Fragment-Stille, an Diotima, etc
Music for two (by one), etc.
Piano four hands, Piano three hands, etc.
Atlantic R&B
Arrival, Conflict, etc.
Resolving Contradictions, Come back as a Flower, etc.
Take me in your arms, Baby I need your loving, etc.
In a Mellow Wood / Wish It Would Rain
I second that emotion, I'll be Doggone, etc.
Heat Wave / Dancer Party
Moods of Mavin Gays / That's The Way Love Is
Atlantic R&B / Sam Cooke Greatest Hits
The Flower of Romance
Atlantic R&B
The Rethorique Des Dieux
Under the Red Sky
Caetano Veloso
Astra Carnaval
Pili Pili
Ladies of The Canyon
Requiem, Musique de Chambre, etc.
F.Fellini "La Strada" Sound Track
B.O.F. Les Temps des Gitans & Kuduz
Ay.ay.ay, I shall return, etc.
Ink Spots
The Music of Nile - Realworld
Canti Popolari Nepalesi
佐藤通弘/山上進 他 津軽三味線
The Cadillacs / The Unbeatable
Old Tango / New Tango
1979 Rock
Kappa's Dream / Trio pour Piano, Violin et Violoncelle
Jazz Standard
Blue Waves / Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
戦前ふらんす映画主題歌集 & 舶来流行歌集
Jazz Standard
Shanhai Gil / Balinais
琵琶(平家)/ 津軽三味線 / Babacar
Bell Africa / Cycles Part2
Pour en finir avec le judgement de Diew
Oldies (Volare, I wander why, etc)
Jazz Standard II
For Goto (it can be the sound for the performance)
Zigane, I let a Song go out of my Heart, etc.
Close Cover
Piazzolla1986 / Carmen "La Traviata" / etc.
The Draughtsman's Contract
 Quintet in C Major op.163, Requiem, Arien, etc.
The Complete Works for Harpsichord, etc.
Toccata & Fugue, Suite No.1 in G Major, etc.
An Elise
Sonata in C Major k.330, etc.
Serenade in G Major, K.525 ”Eine kleine Nachtmusik”
Stevie Wonder 1965-1971
You haven't done nothing, Living for the city, etc
Never dreamed you'd leave in Summer, etc.
The Best of Wilson Pickett
You send me, Stealing kisses, etc.
Kiss me Baby, Black Coffee, etc.
The Genius of R.Charles
Live / Modern Sounds in C&W Music
Ray Charles-C&W meets R&B
Ray Charles-His All Time Great
Soul / Heat Wave / Get ready / etc.
The Motown story
Brown Rice
Purple Rain
Rolling Stone Critics
This girl is in love with you
Purple Haze / Fragmente
Power Spot / Three Viennese Dancers
On London Bridge, etc.
Oldies 1960- 5 O'clock in the world, Walk in the Moon, etc.
Oldies 月影の渚, アイドルを探せ, etc,
Super Oldies
Oldies 1961 / Sea of Heartbreak, Ride Away, etc.
Oldies 1963, 1965 / Blue Velvet, Pretty Blue Eyes, etc
Oldies 1960 / Last Date, Bye Bye Love, etc.
Hotter than July
The Three Degrees& MFSB Show 1973-74
Misa Luba, Adagio
Oldies / Secret Love, Stranger in Paradise, etc.
Ballroom of Mars, Space Oddity, etc.
Cathy's Crown, Pocketful Rainbow, etc.
Sally Can't Dance, Rock and Roll Heart , etc
'78 Transformer
The Drifters' Golden Hits
801 Live / David Bowie
Raped Voice / Black Root/etc
We gotta get out of this place, Bo Diddley, etc.
Country / America 1971
Standard 2
Suite Bergamasque / Yellow Moon
La Strada/Bairelo
Sonata for Violin and Cembalo
Hi-heel Sneakers, Wang Dang Doodle, etc.
Rggitta de Blanc
Roxy Music / Like a Hurricane, Some Old Scene, etc.
What a woman, Jan Steele+John Cage : Voice and Instruments
Down Town Train, Have I told you lately, etc.
Hand Bags and Gladrags, Maggie May, etc.
Something Stupid, Surrender
Little Richard Live
Keith Jarrett Koeln Concers
St.Matthew Passion
Puff the magic dragon, The Cruel War, Avenue, etc.
Memory, No Regrets, etc.
Risalind Elias, etc.
When you wish upon a star, Come go with me, etc
Marlene Dietrich/Kurt Weil/Harald Paulsen/Humoreskimos
S盤アワー / Blue Canary, Oh! My Pa・Pa, etc.
Glory of Gospel
WAXWORKS XTC-Some Singles 1977-1982
Canta Español
Organ/Prelude No.2
Who's Afraid of The Art of Noise
The Chosen One, Some Old scene, etc.
You won't see me, The Main Thing, etc
Lambarena : Bach to Africa
Folklore de Borivie
O Cio De Terre, Cacador De Mim, etc.
Walkin in the room, Needles & Pins, Requiem, etc
Il Transilvano, Konzert fur Oboe, Sonata fur Violine und Cembalo
The Story
Dabce Music I, Far Beyond, etc.
Bird & Diz / Money Jungle
Home Boy, Sister Out / Douzieme Journee
Silent Tangues
Jazz Composer's Orchestra / Communication #11
Breakthrough / Geaige Adams Live 1987,1989
Roland and Kirk 1975 / Natural Black Inventions
Fantasy, My Funny Valentine, etc.
Blade Runner 82 / Doo Bop 92
Dr.Jeklly, Circle, etc
She's So Unusual
Beatles '62-'67
Elton John 1972
The Best Of Linda Scott
Red Rose Speedway / Band on the run
Let it be
Wild Life /Venus & Mars
The Beatles Past Masters・Volume One
Help! / Sgt.Paper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
20 Best Of Today's Folkmusic Alexis Sorbas, El Condor Pasa, etc.
From Keyserling's Studio (1985 Wien)
Celtique Hape : woman of Ireland, etc.
Oldies-Love letter in the sand, Cry, etc.
Going to a Go-Go, A Fork in the Road, etc
The Sound of Music
Frankieboy-My Romance
Golden Hits of the 40's
Golden Hits of the 40's
Atrantic R&B 1947-1952
Cheek to Cheek, Johnny Guitar, etc.
Golden Gate Collection Louis Armstrong
The Collection
Good Times Bad Times, Black Dog, etc.
Duke played by Duke
My Favorite Things, Volunteered Slavery, Duke Ellington 40's
Disco Fever 2
Alpha Centauri, Regatta de Blanc, etc.
Lo Major de l Musica-Disco / Designer Misic, That's the way, etc.
Anonymus Alien
Nico '80 / The Doors
FM スターダスト特集
The Best of Kid Creole & The Coconuts
Yellow (Sample)
NHK FM Sound Street DJ 甲斐よしひろ
Musica Futurista
Symphony No.1 (Tonal Plexus)
Soft Verdict
Tabula Rasa '84
Drumming : Part III, Six Pianos, etc.
Tibetan, 日本のうた, Yukio Mishima
War / The Draughtsman's Contract
Another Mood 1983
Ireland Fiddle / La Vielle (手回し風琴)
Claude Nougaro
Claude Nougaro
By Pass 1983
Chants Berberes de la Meule et du Fereaux
Musique pour la danse
We Love Music - Presented by Sanyo
The Heaven Must Be Near
高柳昌行+John Zon(1986) / 吉増剛造+TAKAYANAGI+翠川 in 仙台 (1984/10)
明治大用に Original (1984/11 ) 三浦俊一
「難民の会」 風・T.R.・三島(1978/11/25)
Sextet Tango Live in Paris (1987/6/30) / Mack the knife, etc.
背火舞踏行 松山俊太郎講演(1977)
Le Jardin 音源(1977) Paris
Koji 音源
浅草ロック座金粉 音源 / 東寺 音源
Conferencia Magisterial MEXICO (2001)
Ko (1986/10/25)
HINAGATA Voice Japanese+French
金沢タマフマラ音源 社の地鳴り / インカのジプシーpsse et medio / トリプルトランス 1977
牝火山アリアドーネ音源 赤坂・ラテン・クォーター (1978/8/24)
「ほう」音源 河童の夢, 魔笛 (1989)
「HIME」音源 非女のテーマ / TAKA"SE" (1985 6 6 )
「Les Larmes d'Eros」音源 Chore / Moment in Love / Time for Fear / La Mer Wind / Requiem1
「エロスの涙」音源 band A in CREO & By Blue / band B Slow in CREO & ORGAN by Gil Grarreue & Helene
「Les Larmes d'Eros」音源 (final) Jon Hassel / Voice of Mishima / Slow Organ / Requiem2
土方巽「舞踏譜」 慈悲心鳥がバサバサと骨の羽根を拡げてくる(タイトル 吉岡実)
アルトーx土方巽 Voice (1998/11/9) / 土方巽:慈悲心鳥がバサバサと骨の羽根を拡げてくる (1986) / A.アルトー:神の裁きと訣別するために (1947)
アルトーx土方巽 Voice (1998/11/9) / 土方巽:慈悲心鳥がバサバサと骨の羽根を拡げてくる (1986) / A.アルトー:神の裁きと訣別するために (1947)
Bailero ほか
Grand Passage /AFRO (Percussions)
Luigi Nono / Classic
Pie / Monk Solo
Bach Organ / Air
Jiba (1993) / Requiem for Wind Light (1992/5/17)
ミイラと背骨Violin in Bones (1996/1/14) / In Trutina
Lagos Jump / German Dance from Barry Lyndon, etc.(音源)
鐘 / ラテンくずし 2001
Ko & Urara's Voice Nuage / 2 Pars Ice
海光の変奏(1993/1) / Brade Runner / etc.
Organ Noel / Symphonie No.3
Gensan / Ushi
Wind of the Earth 1994
Les Larmes d'Eros No.2音源 Jonkara / Furin / etc.
Les Larmes d'Eros No.2 音源 Shanhai Gil / Cycles / etc.
Interlude / Bailero
Gensan / Ushi
From the Same Hill / Energy Fools The Magician
Vera Project ( Director : Francisco Javier ATHIE )
Yokro / Hato / Bakuhatsu / etc. 1994
エアー試作/ 蒸気と耳鳴り
Mummy&Borns / Somatou
エアー試作 / 2001ラテンくずし
Requiem for Sea and Lights / Grand Passage
Song of Wind / 鐘
鐘(河童のゆめVersion)/ SU-SE(2)
Mamushi/マタハリ (1991/11/15) / MAMU 3
MAMU 3+2
MAMU 1+3
Hato-Kumo / Organから
MAMU 1音源 (1991/11/15)
MAMU 2音源 (1991/11/15) /Say What /Born in Chicago / etc.
ヒメ音源 Hime Theme / Gran Passage (1985)
ヒメ音源 Hime Theme / Gran Passage (1985)
Wave 1978
グランパサージュ 全曲
蒸気ージェット (1991/6/1) / New Position / etc.
Requiem for Sea and Lights / Matahari
Requiem for Sea and Lights (1992/5/17) / オーロラあるいは寝オルガン (1992/5/17)