Becoming and the Momentary


from Program

In the process towards the work a great deal of immature wildness is cut down; and the cruel explosiveness of its singularity, the energy of becoming-power, and the thrill of direct power connecting the spontaneous forces are sublimated into the technical training.

Therefore I should think of the way to dance whereby these powers shall not be lost – what could create the real meeting place for us if we took out the becomingness, the thrill, and the pain from the performance?

It is not to make the works familiar to our eyes, by excluding the element of contingency from the works, by (=dance?) turning to the arrangement of a steadily controlled power. On the contrary, it is to utilize something my dancing body is familiar with as the power for generating the unknown works. It is to hide an unexpected stone, which makes you stumble on the path of my dance. Like it or not, it is to surrender myself in such a situation on the overwhelming aid required by the dormant powers which have directly accumulated in my body due to the loss of my thoughts. That is to say, it is to demand crisis.

Then and there, from this confused body, the various diverse powers not yet known to me are evoked. The powers’ freshness of becoming and the moment: it is to follow the positive power that is touching the edge.Prepare only the minimum framework.
Introduce external relationships, and be momentarily conscious to affect the flow (of the dance).

Leave it unfinished.

1985 Paris
for 《Ko : Nomadic Body》