Thank you Mr.Murobushi !

Tatsuro Ishii

On 2015 June 19th, in the morning, I cannot forget this message on my phone saying that “Ko Murobushi passed away”.  Kimiko’s words, Ko’s manager who was in Mexico at that time, were forced out from her deep grief not showing any disturbance. That’s how her voice sounded. The sense of tremendous loss that I felt in that moment, I cannot be filled by until today.

The seed of [Butoh] that was grounded by Hijikata has been spread all over the world far beyond from our imagination in Japan. In Northern Europe, East Europe, South America, people whish to be a Butoh Dancer. Cities in North America organize [Butoh Festival].  As a background for that occasion, we will find inestimable influence from work shop that was taught by Kazuo Ohno, Dairakudakan, Sankaijyuku, also Ko Murobushi,Natsu nakajima ,Masaki Iwana and so on.

Especially Ko Murobushi who excluded any vanities and presented his own body to the space until it becomes exposed to the audience, reach in loftiness. That would be impossible to pass to anyone. The Area that it is impossible to teach and it is impossible to learn. The people who try to know Butoh should confront themselves with this area which is impossible to name and the further Area from imitation

Murobushi used to read numerous books and especially about contemporary French philosopher. In bars he was leading our discussion with his straight and harsh arguments.
Anyway as he was with his Butoh: He was finally a thinker, independent, continuously questioning himself..  We can know it from his numerous memos that he left.

Thank you Ko.  You have to remain with us , so I do not prey for you.  
Please drink beers and smoke cigarettes as much as you want in heaven.

“toward <outside>! toward <transit>!”