The Ko Murobushi’s Archive called “Where is Ko?” was founded to open Ko’s 47 years of life activities to the public, and as much as possible on the Internet.
Ko passed away in the middle of his travels. For us who have been left behind, to organize this Archive is a tremendous challenge in which we test whether we can truly pass his thoughts on dance to the future.

The territory liberates what tries to go beyond it.
We are continually reined back to this “moment.”
The birthplace is in the “outside.”

Ko Murobushi

Our wish is that this Archive will grow under the concept of the festival he worked with in his last years, “Thousand and One Nights of the <Outside>,” and continue its activities from here on out.

Furthermore, we would be most delighted if dancers were able to attain the courage to cultivate their own dance through this Archive.

Ko Murobushi Archive
Director Kimiko Watanabe

Kimiko Watanabe

Open Request

The purpose of this Archive is to make as much material and information as possible–and as promptly as possible–available to researchers.

Within the process of our work, while taking into account that there were a number of materials for which we could not verify details regarding photographs, videos, and performances, we opened the Archive in hopes that we may be able to receive further information, expand, and enrich the content of the Archive.

If you would like to make any inquiries, corrections, or comments regarding the content, please feel free to contact us at any time. We would appreciate any contributions made to the Archive.

About the Videos
In regards to the videos, many of them are shortened versions. For researchers who would like to see the full versions, please send us a request and we will provide you with the password for viewing. As work is currently in progress, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Works and materials shared are for the purpose of research.
 All rights belong to their respective owners. For usage of any materials, please contact the holder of the copyright directly. Copyrights related to Ko Murobushi including texts are managed by Ko&Edge.
Unauthorized reproduction or usage of these materials is strictly prohibited.
Please contact us at the address below for inquiries regarding their usage.

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For inquiries regarding photos
If you would like to make any inquiries regarding photos, please contact the respective photographers directly. With their permission, the contact information for each photographer is listed below.

Laurent Ziegler
Werner Siebert
Osamu Awane
Toshimi Furusawa
Makoto Onozuka
Yoichi Tukada
Fumio Miyauchi
Teijiro Kamiyama Soukichi Minami)
Gabor Dusa
Mitsutoshi Hanaga Taro Hanaga)
Kimiko Watanabe


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