Prologue: Proclamation of the Butoh of the


from Diary

A Proclamation must be made repeatedly, but should be delayed a little bit by what has already been proclaimed.

Because it is yours or my carnal body that must be a continuous and living proclamation.

It is to stick to the outside, one-sidedly.

As it is one-sided, I tentatively bear an ‘other outside.’

What is the outside? Some say it is this, and others that.

Such an outside is the unnamed “HINAGATA” (shape of everlasting darkness) and the solecistic “carnal body”: this is something, which illuminated by multiple voices, eludes being named in an absolute or singular way.

It is too sensational to talk about the impression of the image of “Revolute of The Body” which was shown at the remembrance ceremony.

What I have encountered in “The Revolute of the Body” was as encounter, which was more than I could tell anything in any way; nevertheless, it (i.e. Revolute of the Body) gave courage and provocations to the artists who were struggling to create something with words, which goes beyond words. Just so, it gave the plural voices to us and to our contemporaries who have encountered it.

Anybody must go through to his outside with his name.

At the very moment when his name appeared to be creating another genre and form on a different level from his character and thoughts,

He vanished like a puff of smoke.

To where?

As if to prove the existence of “the outside” where the voice of everything becomes silent, and “the outside” which has never been named allows no noise….

Following the inevitable impossibility of trying to definitively send him off at the funeral ceremony, that is to say, to follow “the outside.”

Katja Centonze
Koichi Kano
1986 Tokyo
Ko Murobushi