Technical Rehearsal


from Diary

Today, we did a full run-through technical rehearsal at the theater. A girl who had until yesterday participated in the workshop acted as both interpreter and my double. A 23-year-old girl who looked slightly immature. She danced quick silver on the stage so that I could control the position and timing of the lights. It was remarkable.

I watched it from the seats while directing her as if choreographing. It was the first time I had done something like that with quick silver, but in her I felt a special ‘innocence of power.’

She completely lacked the ability to dance according to my directions. So she did only what I asked, throwing herself into the positions and actions I assigned her. But I was struck by her diligence and particular form.

What I saw and am now praising is what would have moved anyone who saw it: the innocence of power, selflessness and lack of ability. There was no corrupted faith in readymade expressions at all, this was a clear reality.

And yet, for whatever reason, the world doesn’t regard this as “professional” or “artistic.”

This art is buried in the dark as the art of a layman, an ‘amateur.’ Where does this hidden selfless power vanish to? 

David Boyd
Dominique Baron-Bonarjee
Ko Murobushi