Hiroshima  mon amour -Un Coup de Don-


from Dossier

I want to talk once again about the things that are the core of Butoh. 
No, I want to talk about things that are impossible to talk about…and about impossible experiences.
I want to talk about things at my very depths that erode and collapse my thought when I start to think.
I want to talk about <emptiness> that are at my origins and endlessly empower me.


You start to dance about your silence with silence. About your burned, blackened dead body, about the sound whose sound vanished.
I cannot acquire the experience of Hiroshima because it is the experience of others, the experience of the outside.

But I will continue to talk about Hiroshima.
I will continue to talk about this emptiness that has no beginning and no end and already lies inside my core, with the power of the light of darkness.

June 29, 2011 Bordeaux
Ko Murobushi
for 《Un Coup de Don》