The title comes from Antonin Artaud's poems. Artaud's texts, including "The Theatre and Its Double," were kept by Murobushi at the time, and he referred to them constantly.  This work is a trial performance of sorts, simply scattering ideas and looking for opportunities to ferment, as a prelude to a series of performances to come in Tokyo. Whenever he had free time, he would stay in Hokuryukyo for long periods of time and devote himself to physical training, refining his ideas and keeping up with his Japanese. This was Murobushi's lifestyle at the time. Starting with this film, Murobushi named his series of actions in the 1980s "LOTUS CABARET80s" and wrote the following in his greeting card.

"LOTUS CABARET80s" is an attempt to realize the theater of LOTUS, which travels through the labyrinth, and the CABARET of lotus flowers―the sacred symbol of reincarnation in the East―as a "body that is a whole theater.” In the form of the end of the century, when the renaissance of the body is questioned again and again, Die WELT ist ein CABARET is called out; "The world will be perfected now.” Nietzsche's question, "Midnight is also noon," is burning in our bodies.

From "Greetings," by Ko Murobushi


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Hinagata IV “Organ and The Sulfuric Acid”

Hinagata IV “Organ and The Sulfuric Acid”

Hinagata IV “Organ and Vitriol” 1980