The first performance. “Hime” holds both the meaning of “姫 (hime = princess)” and “非女 (hime = non-woman).”

A single monolith floats in the glass ocean
Passing through the slumber of a boy saint and seven young girls
Towards the floating and scattering world–
With a desire for transforming glassification
To the dancers of ARIADONE
I give them
Seven sheets of glass and a monolith that shines towards a journey of the unknown

HIME is     a journey to an impersonal world
Are we      to swim?
                to degrade into the earth?

We are     in the middle of returning to the stars
Wound / In the winding
In every place     life     drifts

Ko Murobushi

from Montpelier, June 1985

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HIME 1985