The first solo performance in Kansai, invited by NPO DanceBOX (based in Sennichimae Torii Hall at the time, currently in Shinnagata, Kobe).


ryu ryuzan(abortion). If my aborted ko kodomotachi (children) were alive, they would be about the same age as you. I dance the name of the dead fetuses.


1) It is clouds, or “L’Orgue et Le Vitriol”

2) It is silver. It was always trembling at the verge, at the edge. “Edge.”

3) It is called Shitone. The shortened legs of females, and the legs of males that cannot bend anymore, also…


Those are wet with water drops. 

They are dry like a desert, though this sounds like a contradiction.

It is going to be dry out.


As much as I’d like to let them listen to “music,” or a noise—like a transparent drop of water—which permeates into their ear holes that are indurated like dead shells, everything can only start after observing the venue. I will stay there… and I will leave myself with the noise of the bullet train which will be my first ride in decades, until we start to seek together.


Ko Murobushi 

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Ikuya Odamaki

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