To everyone in “Enthusiastic Dance on the Grave”

How are you? I’ve migrated from Riga, Latvia to Berlin. When I come back after dancing at Boris Charmatz’s “musee de la danse” event, it’ll be preparing for Vienna with all of you.

What is there in the <roots> of dance, of the dancing body? Is there anything? Is there a power to be named, to be given meaning?
I think when it becomes known that there is nothing at all, illuminated by the meaningless = foundationless, emptiness, <brightness> of death that is cut loose from everything, our innocent becoming and the continuation and moment of the forming and transforming <power> stand tall.
In terms of <nerve scales = le pèse-nerfs> (Artaud), the oversensitive nerves of the dancing body, it is to move with a rigid body that is incapable of moving, at the awakening limit like coming into contact with madness, together with the inability of power, et cetera, et cetera…

With regards to the choreography in Vienna’s “Enthusiastic Dance on the Grave,” I am thinking of condensing Yokohama and modifying it, but it will be after I see everyone.

I hope for all of you to further pursue animality, and to be liberated from the movements within the choreography.

Ko Murobushi, Berlin

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Enthusiastic Dance on the Grave

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