for <Faux Pas> – go to beyond the steps, stay in/stay out of the steps. how ? crawling out, cracking out, shaking out, crazing out, stepping out…, to where ? possibility of impossibilities, potential of impotence, balance/unbalance in crisis and diverse crystal of forces.

ko murobushi

Where to go? What happens beyond the steps when feet are falling away from themselves, when the idea of striding becomes absurd? The “potential of impotence”, the “possibility of the impossible”, the balancing and tipping in the outbreak of a crisis are the key issues in this brand new solo by Ko Murobushi. Initiated in the 1950ies by Tatsumi Hijikata, Japanese butoh is also called the “dance of darkness”. Murobushi, a challenger and philosopher of this art form, steps, crawls and falls into the unplumbed depths of his own body. There, confronted with himself, the emptiness and the undecidable, he encounters the “faux pas”: the misstep as a looming mishap. He is given a good shaking by it on stage, has his balance upset by it and is – apparently – driven to the brink of madness. Whatever happens in this piece, it will certainly be somewhat surprising. Because, as a bold adventurer among contemporary butoh dancers, Ko Murobushi knows neither the pain of pettiness nor the fear of embarrassment.(ImPulsTanz)

World premiere
Duration: 50 min

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Faux Pas 2014