23 Dec.2016

Memorial: Natsuyuki Nakanishi

Kuniichi Uno, Michio Hayashi, Hisao Matsuura

The painter Natsuyuki Nakanishi passed away on October 23. He was active in the avant-garde movements of the 60s, collaborated with many Butoh artists, and frequently pursued the question of “What is painting?” under much careful consideration. A world without Nakanishi appears bleak. Together with Michio Hayashi and Hisao Matsuura, we look back at his tracks from this endless pursuit. (Kuniichi Uno)


  • Memorial: Natsuyuki Nakanishi
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    Venue:Ko Murobushi Archive Café “Shy”
    Organizer:Ko&Edge/ Ko Murobushi Archive


    Kuniichi Uno

    Michio Hayashi

    Hisao Matsuura