20 Feb.2019–27 Feb.2019

The Five Nights about « désœuvrement » with Prof. Frédéric Pouillaude Ko Murobushi and « féroce désœuvrement »

Frédéric Pouillaude

Frédéric Pouillaude is a French aesthetician who identifies dance as an exceptional “art” that has been exempt from both “aesthetics” as well as “fine arts” since the 18th century. Grasping this concept of dance that deviates from such traditionally recognized Western systems, Pouillaude asserts that dance is not a “work”, but rather, focuses on the unproductivity and absence of a work, regarding it as an “unworking”. To consider dance as “unworking”--Is that not what Tatsumi Hijikata described as “fierce unworking”, the thinking and practices surrounding the body that Ko Murobushi sought after over his lifetime? No doubt the signs of “unworking” in dance will begin to emerge from joining the perspectives of dance study that Pouillaude opens together with the thinking and practices of Ko Murobushi.


20th | Shy
18:30–18:45 Film screening 《Hijikata '98 improvisation by Ko Murobushi》 1998, Hakusyu/Japan
19:00 “Unworking Choreography/Unworking and Désœuvrement” Frédéric Pouillaude

21st | Shy
18:30–18:45 Film screening 《Edge02》 2002, MuseumsQuartier, Austria
19:00 “For General strike of the body” Hideaki Tasaki

22nd | Shy
19:00 “Désœuvrement and Ko Murobushi” Kenichiro Ezawa
20:00 “Épuisé, Désœuvrement and souci de soi, epimeleia heautou” Kuniichi Uno

23rd | Shy
14:00 “The Breath of impersonal” Romina Achatz
14:30 “Dance,utility and domination. A critical reflection based on the work of Ko Murobushi”Jonathan Caudillo
15:00 “We are the dead body who are standing by breathing--paradox of 1and 0” Shinichi Takeshige
15:30 “Désœuvrement of Ko Murobushi” Yuma Ochi
16:30 Symposium [About “Outside, Midnight and féroce désoeuvrement”] (moderator:Hidenaga Otori)

27th | Institut franco-japonais de Tokyo
19:00 Sur le “féroce désoeuvrement” de Ko Murobushi / Frédéric Pouillaude (moderator:Yuma Ohic)


Venue:Ko Murobushi Archive Cafe Shy